Professional Profiles #76-4  
Headline * REAL ESTATE LAWYER in Spain  
Description / CV of candidate * Highly Qualified Real Assets Lawyer. Specialist in Real Estate Law and Civil Litigation Law with expertise in Urban Lease and Horizontal Property Law.

Highly Trained Manager, with more than 15 years´ experience in the real assets legal management, the last 10 years as General Counsel in a Real Estate Company Group.
Directory: Sectors Law - legal consulting 
Profile is posted by * Job seeker
Profession * Lawyer
Location of candidate * Spain  
Location State (US only) * Not US  
Candidate is willing to move * Yes
Languages * English
Year of birth * 1969  
Expected Position level * Executive 2. Level
Expected Salary Range * 80 K - 100 K
Candidate interested in following sectors * Real Estate