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Accunting & Finance Global Custody Investor Relations / PR
Asset Management/Family Office Government Operations
Capital Markets Graduates & Internships Private Banking
Commercial Banking Hedge Funds/Funds Wealth Management
Commodities HR & Recruitment Private Equity / Venture Capital
Legal Consulting Information Services Quantitative Analytics
Corporate Credit Information Technology Real Estate
Corporate Governance Insurance Research
Debt / Fixed Income Investment Banking Retail Banking
Derivatives Merger & Acquisitions Risk Management
Equities Investment Consulting Sales & Marketing
FX & Money Markets   Trading

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PROFESSION: Customer Relations Manager, Sales / Marketing, HR Manager, Auditor | Country: Taiwan |JOB LEVEL: Other Level |SALARY RANGE: 80 K - 100 K | LANGUAGES: Other, English

Internationally-focused finance professional

PROFESSION: Private Equity Manager, Asset Manager | Country: Finland |JOB LEVEL: Other Level |SALARY RANGE: 150 K - 200 K | LANGUAGES: Other, English

Business Development & Marketing Executive

PROFESSION: Sales / Marketing | Country: Germany |JOB LEVEL: Executive 2. Level |SALARY RANGE: 200 K - 250 K | LANGUAGES: French, German, English

Legal consultant - in house lawyer, Rome, Italy

PROFESSION: Lawyer | Country: Italy |JOB LEVEL: Employee |SALARY RANGE: 60 K - 80 K | LANGUAGES: Italian, Spainsh, English

Professional with a diverse skillset

PROFESSION: Other Profession, Customer Relations Manager, Sales / Marketing, Lawyer, Banker | Country: United Kingdom |JOB LEVEL: Employee |SALARY RANGE: 60 K - 80 K | LANGUAGES: English


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